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Saltech Consultant Engineering is a technical labour consultancy firm sourcing expatriate and specialist labour for multi-national companies in United Kingdom.

Our clients are industry leaders in oil and gas, construction and environmental management in UK,West -Central Africa and middle east as well as development agencies in the sub-regions.

we are the world's leading recruiting company in the oil and gas sector with operations in over 6 countries.With a portfolio of leadership in recruiting industries,our business is enjoying remarkable organic growth.we recommend/recruit a diverse group/expatriate of over 5,000 people in different part of the world.

SALTECH consultants engineering is a full-service consulting/recruiting/ engineering. Established in United Kingdom on April 1, 1992, it has enjoyed tremendous growth over the years with over 40 employees in three offices-Our future is brighter than ever.

Our teams are an energetic and diverse mix of young, bright, up-and-coming professionals working alongside experienced veterans seasoned in the business. It's an invigorating, fast paced, spirited atmosphere for expatriate who will get the best jobs,with huge benefits and salary.

SALTECH is a place where solid careers and long-term friendships are made.

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